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25 Mar

Study MS in the USA for Indian Students

Is pursuing MS in the USA your dream? Then, we can help you achieve it easily. The USA has a great history of welcoming international students for higher education. Masters in the USA will prepare international students to stay ahead in this competitive world. MS in the USA for Indian students is a dream come true, and you must grab it with both hands.

Though there are many countries, the United States is still the best option. It is the top country that comes to our mind whenever we think of overseas education. Excellence in education is what helps you as a student and makes you turn into a professional in no time.

Masters in the USA for Indian Students

If you see, masters in the USA for Indian students is still a dream for many students but we can help in making your dream come true. There are STEM programs (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Management) from the USA, which is recognized and accepted across the world. US Universities make up nearly 70% of the top 50 universities of the world and earned utmost popularity for Master of science programs. As an Indian student, there are a lot of amazing reasons to prefer MS in the USA. Besides, a global survey of 2021 points out that around 133 US universities are in the top 200 in the world ranking.

Cost of MS in the USA for Indian Students

Though the cost of MS in the USA for Indian students is higher in some of the universities, we know a few universities where the best education is provided, that too at a low cost. Average annual expenses for public universities range from 35,000 USD to 45,000 USD, and for private state universities, it will be around 65,000 USD to 75,000 USD. Usually, the overall budget to study MS in the USA includes various fees such as application fees, tuition fees, visa fees, flight charges, accommodation, and other living expenses.


As you now know about study in the USA for Indian students, start pursuing the career of your dreams with our help. Shloka overseas consultancy has experts who can help you with study in the USA with scholarship. For more understanding, talk to us today on +91 7680041957, +91 8143011777.

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